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Dr. Monae Verbeke

Expert in

Cultural Psychology

Science Communication

Informal Science Learning

Dr. Monae Verbeke

Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Learning Innovation

Institute for Learning Innovation

Dr. Monae Verbeke is a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Learning Innovation. Monae is a social scientist, focusing on ways in which institutions and communities can form relationships that influence, shape, and promote successful science engagement. Monae’s research interests are in the intersections between the fields of cultural psychology, science communication, and informal science learning. Monae is conducting research exploring the process by which individuals develop interests in science and how those interests tie to a broader definition of science literacy. She has a special interest in science capital, including its relationship to an individual’s identity and participation within society.

Monae has worked in the field of informal science education for a decade, conducting research on a wide-range of arts and science programs, using multi-method approaches to study the dimensions of participation, emotion, interest, self-efficacy, and understanding in science literacy and engagement. Monae’s experience includes designing and conducting research and evaluation at institutions such as the National Gallery, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, London Zoo, the US National Park System and rural Libraries across the United States. Dr. Verbeke holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Warwick (UK), and a MSc in Biology from Western Illinois University (USA). She previously taught social research methods at the University of Warwick.


What do you like?

I love getting to see that ah-ha moment. I also enjoy volunteering at our local food bank and Thai food for days.

How do you spend your free time?

Right now, I spend my free-time seeking out new adventures in the Pacific Northwest with my beagle, Chase, or finding a new restaurant to test out.