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Dr Aaron M Jensen
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Creativity & Innovation

Entrepreneurship Psychology

Research Methods

Survey Design

Automated Evaluation

Idiographic Methods


Dr Aaron M Jensen

Senior Researcher & Business Analyst

Qualia Analytics / Institute for Methods Innovation

Dr Aaron M. Jensen has a multi-­disciplinary professional and educational background. He has experience in contemporary social research, advanced evaluation methods, and the development and application of innovative digital technologies to deliver research projects efficiently, effectively and at scale.

He specialises in mixed methods, survey methodology and how to engage participants in online research. He is skilled in statistical analysis and reporting from quantitative data. He often works at the intersection between research, business and technical teams to ensure robust methodologies, data management and data protection (GDPR).

Aaron has coordinated R&D as co-founder of Qualia Analytics, a global technology social enterprise, and codesigned proprietary digital technology for research process automation, enabling advanced data collection protocols and cross-organisational benchmarking. He is trustee and co-founder of Insitute for Methods Innovation, a registered charity (not-for-profit) with the mission of thought-leadership in evaluation and social research methods.

He has delivered market research projects and influential reports for government and non-profit institutions, such as European Space Agency, Science Foundation Ireland, the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Arts Council England, the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement.

He holds an undergraduate in psychology from the US, master’s degree in marketing and PhD in entrepreneurship psychology (both in the UK).