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Sarah Awad
Expert in

Social and Cultural Psychology

Qualitative methodology

Visual methodology

Aalborg, Denmark

Sarah Awad

PhD Fellow

University of Aalborg

Sarah H. Awad is a Ph.D. fellow at the Centre for Cultural Psychology, Aalborg University, Denmark. She received her M.Sc. in social and cultural psychology from London School of Economics and Political Science and her B.A. in mass communication from the American University in Cairo. She has worked in fields directly relating to using communication for behavioural impact and creating communication strategies advocating causes such as child rights and education with different social development agencies.

Her research interests are in the interrelation between the fields of cultural psychology, communication, and social development. She has published work exploring the process by which individuals develop through times of life ruptures and social change using art and storytelling. She has a special interest in visual methodology and the analysis of urban images and their influence on identity, collective memory and politics within a society.